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RD EMI Neutralizer Power Filter

€ 3 960

Complex power filter with integrated surge protection

  • Symmetrical and unsymmetrical interference filtration
  • Galvanically isolated power circuits
  • Filtration of DC direct current component in the grid
  • SURGE and BURST surge protection
  • Six sockets

Tube amplifier PP10

€ 3 250

Ultra-linear tube amplifier, ideal symbiosis with our high sensitivity speakers

  • Precise construction
  • Unique design details
  • Pared tubes

Tube Amplifier PrimaLuna EVO 200

€ 3 150

A renowned amplifier with excellent price-quality ratio

  • Superior sound balance
  • Excellent spaciality and clarity
  • Adaptive AutoBias ™
  • Ultra-linear/Triode mode
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