RD PWR-CU Power Cable

An intricate shielded cable for audio components. Handmade, top-notch material and workmanship, excellent conductivity, quality shielding.

Treat your audio components to an uncompromising power supply.

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RD PWR-CU Power Cable - 50 cm
Length cm
Width 50 cm
Height cm
€ 253
RD PWR-CU Power Cable - 75 cm
Length cm
Width 75 cm
Height cm
€ 298
RD PWR-CU Power Cable - 100 cm
Length cm
Width 100 cm
Height cm
€ 317
RD PWR-CU Power Cable - 200 cm
Length cm
Width 200 cm
Height cm
€ 381
Product description

RD PWR-CU Power Cable


Cross-section: 3 x 4.5 mm2
Shielding: CU braiding
Material: OFC + Silver fiber
Purity: 99.999 %
Dielectric: 100% cotton
AC fork
Type: 2P+PE
Voltage / current: 230 VAC / 16A
Contacts surface treatment: Gold-plated
Typ: EU IEC60320
Voltage / current: 230 VAC / 16A
Contacts surface treatment: Gold-plated


Precise execution

The RD PWR-CU power cable is unique in its construction; it combines the advantages of copper and silver fiber for ideal conductivity and stability in frequency. Quality connectors with gold-plated contacts serve as protection against oxidation and provide ideal contact in the socket. The device part of the cable is constructed with high pressure on the contacts for perfect current transfer to the appliance. In order to increase immunity against external electromagnetic fields, the shielding on the fork side is connected to the PEN terminal. The cable is fitted in cotton braiding that is also part of the internal dielectric due to cotton's excellent isolating properties. The four-layer insulation, very good flexibility and minimal internal impedance all ensure a reliable and powerful connection of your audio components to the power supply. The design then blends in with the rest of the audio chain.



RD EMI Neutralizer Power Filter
€ 7 486

Is a complex power filter with integrated surge protection. The filter increases the distance of background noise from useful signal, making the sound more crystal-like, with more details. Filter omnipresent high frequency interference effectively and supply your sensitive audio components with clear power!

RD Power Filter
€ 1 210

Is a unique power filter combined with surge protection. This article from RDacoustic’s workshop effectively protects your audio appliances and other devices against overvoltage (lightning strikes and other causes) and at the same time cleans the power supply from unwanted electromagnetic interference, resulting in an improved sound quality of your audio devices.

Protect your devices the pure way.

What you may want to know


Why OFC copper?

Oxygen-free copper is characterised by high electrical and thermal conductivity. OFC is made using electrolytic refining in order to reduce the oxygen level down to 0.001 % or less. The resulting material has excellent conductivity and very low electrical resistance.

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