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This website represents in its Products section the full range of our current portfolio (aside from custom products and custom finishes). All of the items can be purchased and paid for online. Live, you can see and experience all of them at our listening studio in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic. A selection is also shown at audio exhibitions we habitually frequent.

Product availability

Products that are listed as “in stock” (i.e. not said to be “made to order”) are available immediately. In the unlikely event of a break in stock not indicated on the website, the solution is per individual agreement and you would be eligible for a full refund.
Products that are marked as “made to order” have their respective production times (i.e. the time prior to dispatch) mentioned on the product page. We do not update current stock availability for these items in the webshop. The given time is therefore an upper limit; they are usually finished sooner and some (especially default sizes/versions) may be stocked and available immediately.

Custom products

The webshop offers the possibility to customise some products by sending a note along with the order. If the request is of a more intricate nature, feel free to e-mail us to work out the details. The “basic” offer represents the most “popular” part of our produce. Please note that if an item is designated as “in stock,” this means we stock the standard version and your decision to customize it moves it to the “made to order” category. For custom orders (whether agreed on through e-mail or other means of communication), we strive to keep the same price as the base product and surcharges only apply if necessary.


Credit card payment is available through a verified third-party Czech gateway ( Credit card details are not shared with us. If you pay by card, you will be charged by your bank in EUR. Another possibility is a bank transfer, where info as to how to pay will be sent after you complete your order. Bank transfer payment is available in EUR or CZK. Please note that if you choose to pay this way, the production/dispatch of your item will not commence before we receive your payment.


We deliver worldwide and strive to provide all countries with reliable and safe services. Smaller items (e.g. accessories or audio components) are shipped free of charge by air (some European countries may be served by ground services where appropriate).
The service used for larger items (e.g. speakers) varies per country. Coronavirus has changed global logistics and despite our efforts to optimize shipping costs, for some larger items with a significantly different shipping/product value ratio (typically but not exclusively acoustic diffusers) delivered to certain countries, free shipping may not be available and we may require you to cover a part of the shipping charges. If the order is being made through e-mail, the final amount will be given beforehand for approval. If this is the case with an online order, we will contact you giving the final amount and you will be eligible for a full refund if not agreed. At this time, we are unfortunately not able to offer flat rate shipping for larger deliveries without compromising on the good price/performance ratio of our products as the charges change significantly on a day-to-day basis and the range of countries we deliver to is very varied. We can assure you, however, that if this situation occurs, we will try to arrange for the best deal available.
All shipments are insured/trackable. Feel free to inquire regarding shipping time estimates before ordering if needed. In case you wished to arrange for your own delivery of any kind, we will be happy to assist you on our side.


The dispatch time of smaller (e.g. accessories or audio components) items is set to three working days maximum. With larger items that require more advanced packing, the dispatch time is seven working days maximum. 


If you are located outside of the European Union, upon arrival of your item, you may incur additional charges to cover your country’s taxes/duties. These, just as the process of customs clearance itself, are generally outside our reach and have to be covered and handled by you. We are usually able to help in case of larger deliveries where we have more control over the shipment’s movement, but please do note that taxes/duties are ultimately the customer’s responsibility and even if we do step in at any point, your full cooperation is needed.


The items are thoroughly checked and tested prior to being sent. In the highly unlikely event that a reason for complaint arises, we will urgently assist you to solve the matter by agreeing on a solution. If a partial refund and/or other remote remedy is not desirable, we will cover the return shipping and you will have a choice of either receiving the amended/replacement product, or a full refund.
As for returns where there was no fault at our side, we offer a 60-day return period in which you can, for any reason, return any of the goods purchased online/by e-mail free of any additional charges from our side, given that the goods arrive in their original condition. In this case, the return shipping would however be covered by you. Please contact use before sending the item.
Upon arrival, the item will be thoroughly checked for any kind of wear/signs of usage. For us to return the full amount of your original invoice minus the original shipping charge: The smaller items have to be be spotless and in their original packaging. The larger items too (as they are packaged carefully so that no damage could occur during moving) have to be spotless. Returned items that have suffered any kind of wear/have been visibly used we either resell directly at a sale price, or first make sure that these small signs of wear are eliminated by fully rebuilding the item, only using parts which can achieve original condition. Depending on whether the wear/usage of the returned item is within acceptable limits or it could have been handled more carefully and unduly wear/damage has incurred, we reserved the right to take a small (up to 10 %) or larger (up to 50 %) percentage, respectively, equal either to the discount percentage or to the amount of work that will have to be invested. This is always communicated with the customer and cannot be done based on unfounded reasons. If you wish to return a used item in this period, we can give you an estimate of the surcharge remotely, but the final amount subtracted will depend on physical inspection.

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