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The uncompromising audio solutions, innovative approach and attention to detail is what makes our products fit the description of High End audio. We avoid fairytales and voodoo stories which are frequent in the world of high end audio. Our products are built on strong, verified and well-founded bases. We favour simplicity accompanied by components and parts of the highest quality.

What We Are Doing

We make High End speakers and audio components of the highest quality. We also deal with acoustics. We are convinced that beauty and functionality, which we are trying to combine, are rooted in simplicity and precision. In our audio products, we always aim for minimalistic solutions using only very high quality components and materials.

We do not make compromises at the expense of the resulting quality.

All our products are made in the Czech Republic, most of the production takes place in our home town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Our Vision and Approach

To achieve the highest possible sensitivity and details reproduction, we were looking for the ideal construction principle. We found that in the combination of a horn cabinet and only one highly sensitive driver, without the use of a crossover. That — and the construction of more than twenty different prototypes—is how our Evolution speakers — the flagship of our product portfolio — came into being.

The construction approach to our dimensionally smaller model—1+1/4 band speakers Euphoria — is again distinct. Thanks to our experience with the horn construction, we are aware of the disadvantages the more compact construction brings along. We are minimizing these. The result—speakers with a low crossover frequency and adjustable level of bass content, which preserve high sensitivity and excellent space reproduction.

Furthermore, we focus on filtration of the power supply (which is often overlooked), surge protection and room acoustics.

What’s With The Voodoo Slogan

We keep aloof from various voodoo principles in the world of audio. We do not feel like presenting ourselves with unmeasurable and fictitious stories without any proper real basis. Our solutions are based on known physical principles and are so from the start of developing any project.

Our company’s name bears the first letters of our primary names — Radovan and David. We love music and our primary motivation is bringing this art form to the listener in as finely detailed image as possible.

Obviously, one can not tell everything about sound. Visit one of the listening studios or the oncoming audio exhibitions and listen to our speakers with your own ears!

Those Who Pull The Strings

Radovan and David’s interest in electrotechnics dates back to their elementary school days.

Apart from school, they knew each other thanks to an extracurricular course of electrotechnics they both eagerly attended from the age of seven. They found a series of answers to questions about previously faint principles. And they also experienced genuine child joy while constructing flashing light snakes, FM radios, amplifiers and other electronics.

They may have grown up since that. Experiencing joy when something is functional and precise, however, persists. David has stayed at electrotechnics during his career. Across the field, he has been dealing with various constructions with both analogue and digital parts, EMC certification and the like.

Radovan has started in private business, establishing his own computer shop.

The History So Far

With the returning interest of customers in quality, authenticity, craft, and similar values due to saturation of our society with consumerism, it’s worth considering from what incentives our speakers came into being and in what direction have we set off during our (short?) history.

The Story Of RD

  • Being music lovers, our motivation is also the desire to experience the immediate feelings of a live concert. Why not at our homes, too. To achieve this goal, in 2002, we decided to construct our first very own prototype of speakers. We based it on the horn principle. The main reason for this choice was the possibility to achieve high sensitivity, and the absence of a crossover. Crossovers in standard multi band speakers shift the signal phase, which is a not negligible disadvantage.


  • The sound exceeded our expectations and consequently, we decided to advance with the development. Determined to reach the best possible sound, we constructed more than twenty different prototypes according to various schematics. A lot of verifications that physics works followed. In contrast, a lot of solutions don’t work, as they simply can’t. At the same time, we were improving the horn construction. We simplified the horn, rounded its inner edges and the inner edges of its mouth. We reinforced and optimized the first chamber of the horn, so that it would create and ideal dynamic brake to the membrane of the driver, while preserving a balanced bass component.


  • For some time, we both listened to a back-loaded horn construction at our homes, a construction which uses the energy of the back side of the driver membrane. We complemented this with our own D/A converter.


  • Motivated by our friends this time, and after a thorough consideration, we set off to develop a more expensive and finely tuned model without any construction compromises. Thus a construction from which we expected an even more uncompromising sound. The demands that we reached—a horn with no sharp edges, a highly precise tilting of the sides, reinforced joints and other construction specifics limited the manufacturing to modern 5D CNC milling. In 2014, following a considerable investment in production, a prototype of the Evolution speakers were born. The positive feedback we received from audio enthusiasts we met in the meantime and professionals who conducted tests alike, destined them to be our future.


  • Our company, RDacoustic s.r.o., was established.


  • We exhibited our speakers at AudioVideoShow Prague, High End Munich, AV Trend Budapest and Audio Video Show in Warsaw. Braced by the positive feedback our Evolution speakers had been earning and as an answer to a demand for a smaller, more compact model, Euphoria speakers came into being. This model—similarly to Evolution—benefits from a full-range driver. This time, however, complemented by a highly sensitive 15” bass driver, which substitutes for Evolution’s horn cabinet. The preserved benefit of full-range is in the very low dividing frequency of the crossover—a frequency that is out of the audible borders of phase shift.


  • In 2017, we introduced our Euphoria speakers at the aforementioned exhibitions and on top of that at AES Berlin.


  • To improve the audio chain, and with our electrotechnical practice, we created a compact power filter with integrated surge protection. This filter is designed especially for audio components. It filters symmetric and unsymmetric parts of power interference and successfully suppresses any interference of switched-mode power supplies—the supplies of most modern appliances. It is an accessory usable with all hifi components. There is, however, a reason for its existence in our portfolio.: Horn constructions are generally more sensitive to the signal they receive.


  • RD EMI Neutralizer – síťový filtr postavený na zkušenostech z praxe. 5 nezávislých napájecích okruhů oddělených T-ULN transformátory vlastní konstrukce, soft start, tepelná ochrana proti trvalému přetížení. Vytvořili jsme vlastní software pro výpočet hybridních difuzorů a postavili přesnou CNC řezačku. Rozšiřujeme naše produktové portfolio o hybridní difuzory.


  • V Rožnově pod Radhoštěm budujeme referenční poslechové studio.


  • Představujeme extrémně výkonný síťový filtr pro audio s maximálním trvalým příkonem 4.6 kW. Připravujeme druhou polechovou stage, která bude obsahovat projekční plochu a 4K projektor.


The Future

Is that all? No! We are constantly developing more audio accessories for our offer to be comprehensive. We will follow the values we hold dear into the future.

Where We Are Based

RDacoustic is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, a small city in the east of the Czech Republic, under the Beskydy mountain range. The first mention of Rožnov dates back to 1267—to the charter of its founder, the bishop of Olomouc. The region got its name after the native inhabitants—Vlachs—shepherds and highlanders. Thanks to the specific geographical location and the local microclimate, climatic baths were established here at the end of the 18th century, the remains of which are still present throughout the city.

Unlike the rest of the country, the region stayed aside from strategic industry during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the first Czechoslovak Republic periods. Today’s industrial heritage of the region is hence attributable mainly to the changes following the year of 1948. The future of Rožnov was since then formed by the government decision to place here the newly forming industry after the Second World War.

A new state-owned company Tesla was established, mainly focusing on the vacuum technology, production of tubes, silicon, black-and-white and later colour screens and semiconductor components. The growth of Tesla meant, among other things, educated people coming to the microregion. To support the industry, a prestigious high school focused on electrotechnics has been established here.

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Wallachian Open Air Museum

Following the Velvet revolution—the fall of the communist regime and the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Tesla company disintegrated, leaving more than 8 500 employees.
Especially thanks to the high education standard in the region, the industry has not disappeared. The former Tesla employees succeeded in newly formed private companies. The JJ Electronic company, for example, with their famous tubes, was formed thanks to Rožnov’s Tesla. Aside from regional companies, significant design centres of the ON semiconductor and NPX companies also reside here.

Today, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm is a tourist, cultural and industrial city with about 20 000 inhabitants. Aside from the industry, mainly focused on semiconductor production, one can also find beer baths with wellness in the local brewery or the Wallachian Open Air Museum, founded in 1925. This assembly of mainly original relocated buildings allows one to get acquainted with local traditional culture, architecture and crafts and refers to the region’s rich history. The surrounding mountains call for a range of sport activities, be it hiking the marked trails, long or undemanding, mountain and road biking, paragliding, winter sports, etc.

Wallachian Open Air Museum
Radhošť mountain

Pictures: Bjalek Michal [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Carpathian Ethnography Project [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Pohled 111 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Bjalek Michal [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons, Harold [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons, Michal Klajban [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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