Gold-plated WBT Terminals

Our customised production can be supplemented with these top notch gold-plated WBT interconnecting terminals. The patented 4mm banana/fork clamping system guarantees perfect lossless power transmission.

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Length  8 cm, Width  3 cm, Height  3 cm
€ 1 421
Product description

Gold-plated WBT Terminals


General Parameters
Constantly flowing current: 200 A
Peak current: 4000 A
Resistive contact transition: < 0,07 Ω


High End Speakers Evolution
€ 21 175

Our high end speakers Evolution were created with the intent of redefining what “faithful stereo sound” means. Their sound is characterized by full details, precise instrument localization and spatiality. They contain only one high sensitivity driver, complemented by a unique horn cabinet.

Inspired by the past, formed by the present.

High End Speakers Euphoria
€ 16 618

An original solution. A baffle optimised without any construction compromises and a range of empirical tests both contributed to the creation of these high end audiophile stereo speakers which deliver very detailed sound with a powerful bass component. They take advantage of the ideal properties of a full-range driver. The detailed elocution is complemented by excellent spatiality and instrument localisation.

Taste the littlest of details.

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