Marble Pedestal

For better stability and weight transfer of speakers.

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Length  53 cm, Width  53 cm, Height  3 cm
€ 1 362
Product description

Marble Pedestal

Another optional accessories that we offer for our Evolution speakers is a marble base. For good listening, it is important that the speaker construction sit firmly on the ground. Marble mats are cut in a perfect flat plane. When balanced on the floor, they provide a stable surface for the speakers. The pedestal is complemented on the front with an RDacoustic plaque. We supply a multicolor red shade as standard, but we are able to supply other colors per your request.



High End Speakers Evolution
€ 21 175

Our high end speakers Evolution were created with the intent of redefining what “faithful stereo sound” means. Their sound is characterized by full details, precise instrument localization and spatiality. They contain only one high sensitivity driver, complemented by a unique horn cabinet.

Inspired by the past, formed by the present.

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