PrimaLuna EVO200 – HI-FI CHOICE U.K.

“This is an exceptional valve amplifier EVO200  that is consistently easy to live with, beautifully made and possessed of the power needed to make it practical with many modern loudspeaker designs”

Theory of evolution EVO200

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Ed Selley is like a kid in a sweet shop as he takes on an integrated that allows you to mix and match the tubes that partner it

Following something of a growth spurt and reorganisation of its product portfolio, PrimaLuna’s Evo200 Integrated fallsinto the second tier of the company’s revised component lineup. As supplied, it is fitted with four EL34 valves for the output stage and a matching quartet of 12A7s for the preamp stage.

This is a tried and tested valve combination and one that works very well in delivering a balance of usable real-world power and delicacy. Dig a little bit deeper beneath what seems like a fairly straightforward integrated design, however, and the Evo200 Integrated reveals some unusual and useful flexibility, thanks to a technology that PrimaLuna calls Adaptive Autobias that allows you to swap the EL34 output stage valves for a variety of other alternatives.

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