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You feel like sitting in the first row at a concert. (…) [The listening] gives you an amazing insight into the recording—you know exactly where each musician is standing, instruments have real size and most importantly, very accurate spatial anchoring including, for example, reverberation of the cymbal, realistically depicting the entire recording room.

“You will sense the liveliness of music when listening to piano solos, for example. To this day, I have not heard such sound when listening to reproduced music. (…) A surprising advantage is that this impression persists not only with normal, but also with very low volume. Even in such case, the sketching is preserved, nothing is smudged or missing, as would the listener expect.”
“I have been considering whether to state this for a long time: “It’s a best-buy of the decade!” And here it is.”

(The Czech original, from which the above has been accurately translated, can be read here.)

Evolution speakers

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