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These are a nicely balanced speaker that I think will appeal to many with a wide taste in music.

High End Speakers Euphoria

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High End Speakers EuphoriaNatalie Merchant’s Lady Bird sounds absolutely wonderful and has me in tears. And this is important! Music and the equipment we play it on is there to connect us emotionally with the music, be that making us want to dance, cry, sing or laugh and these speakers do just that.

Sometimes it is not the most resolving or expensive bit of kit that connects us though and that is the case here.  Nick Drake’s Northern Sky has me utterly connected with the music. Yes there is some colouration and yes there is not the resolving power of some speakers we’ve recently had the pleasure of using, but there is something I love about these.

I am a fan of good single driver loudspeakers, I love their speed and their point source nature, but often find that I am disappointed in their bass performance and the volumes I can get them to and this is a deal killer. What RD Acoustics have managed to pull off is a speaker that has many of the qualities of a good widebander, combined with the oomph of a big bass driver, and the bass is nicely integrated too.

Purists may think this is heresy, but here it works pretty well.

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