Power Distributor RD-PD16-6

Is a power distributor designed to power audio components. Its single-stage EMI filter adequately reduces the today prominent symmetrical interference coming from the power grid. Precise and detail-oriented workmanship, just as the design that combines aluminium and wood, place this distributor amongst the rest of the pieces in our portfolio.

A robust solution not only for audio systems.

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Length  470 cm, Width  100 cm, Height  60 cm
€ 983
Product description

Power Distributor RD-PD16-6


General parameters
Max. total current: 16 A
Max. input voltage: 250 VAC
Maximum continually transmitted power: 3600 W
Power without load: 0.1 W
HF filtration: 9 kHz to 1 MHz (-3 dB to -12 dB)
Fuse: 16 A/T
Other parameters
Size: 470 x 60 x 100 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg
Environment temperature: -10 to +50°C
Sockets type: 6x European Schuko
Protection: IP20
Inner circuit: Copper 2,5 mm²
  • Symmetrical interference filtering
  • Six power sockets
  • Main switch


Clever filtration

The single-stage passive EMI filter with a current compensated choke coil effectively suppresses symmetrical interference. This type of interference is very common in the power grid, increasing the level of background noise. Higher background noise means less distance of useful signal from said noise and therefore degradation of the overall quality of the entire audio system. The unbelievable sensitivity of the human ear, one to a billion, makes each detail important for proper enjoyment of music.

Endless Configurations

This power distributor can be connected via a power cord of your own choice. It is possible to use our RD Power Filter, which integrates effective surge protection and EMI filtration. RD Power Filter is limited to 500 W on input, which is however more than enough for most audio systems. The efficiency of both of the filters then adds up.



RD Power Filter
€ 1 210

Is a unique power filter combined with surge protection. This article from RDacoustic’s workshop effectively protects your audio appliances and other devices against overvoltage (lightning strikes and other causes) and at the same time cleans the power supply from unwanted electromagnetic interference, resulting in an improved sound quality of your audio devices.

Protect your devices the pure way.

RD EMI Neutralizer Power Filter
€ 7 486

Is a complex power filter with integrated surge protection. The filter increases the distance of background noise from useful signal, making the sound more crystal-like, with more details. Filter omnipresent high frequency interference effectively and supply your sensitive audio components with clear power!

Hifi Tube Amplifier PP10
€ 3 250

Audio hifi ultra linear tube amplifier DIMD PP10 offers more than meets the eye.
It is constructed without the use of any printed circuit boards. All the components are hand wired onto the tube sockets to achieve the shortest signal path possible. Excellent spatiality and detail reproduction.

What you may want to know


Why filter the power supply?

Electromagnetic interference is all around us. Be it in a large metropolis or a small village, we intercept mobile signals of multiple providers, we tune in radio or television. Electromagnetic waves are transmitted by air and by the power grid. Transmitters operate in large frequency range from 1.5 MHz to hundreds of GHz. While over the grid, lower frequencies are better transmitted, we can still find high frequencies even here.

Today, almost all electrical devices use switched-mode power supplies. These and many more parts pollute the electrical distribution network. You share the power grid with your neighbours. Interference due to switched power supplies (take into account heat pumps, solar and wind power station converters, chargers, TVs, computers, Wi-Fi and other appliances like hairdryers or microwaves) is transmitted through the power grid to your sensitive audio components. All appliances should comply with the limits of interference they can emit, as defined in the EN-61000-6-3 standard. However, interference adds up from all the devices connected to the grid.

Sensitivity of the Human Ear

Although the human ear cannot beat that of a bat, dog or a cat, it is nevertheless very sensitive. We hear the range of 20 to 20000 Hz, with the sensitivity of about 0 dB (threshold of hearing) to 130 dB (threshold of pain). dB is a logarithmic unit. The finest audible detail has an acoustic intensity of 10−12, or one billionth, of W/m2 (watt per square meter), in comparison to a loud 120 dB disco, which has the acoustic intensity of 1 W/m2. Billion is the range we are able to hear. If we put a million coins onto a pile and had a million of these piles and put them all onto one pile, if we then added or took away just one coin, it would be the equivalent of the difference that the human ear can distinguish. Even a small increase in interference, amplified by an amplifier together with the useful signal, will be recognisable.


Why should we care about high frequencies?

Human hearing is limited to 20 kHz, we cannot hear higher. At young age, we hear higher frequencies, as we become older, the audible frequency decreases. We cannot hear 1 MHz, for example, but we can and do hear low frequencies modulated on the high ones. Radio uses this principle, which is called amplitude modulation: We hear low frequencies modulated on high frequencies transmitted through air—AM broadcasting. Just like through air, high frequencies are transmitted by power lines.

Background Noise

Hum, buzz, noise is omnipresent. In electrical engineering, it designates a signal corresponding to acoustic noise or visual noise (large grain in digital photos or videos). EMI Neutralizer significantly reduces electromagnetic interference, or noise, coming from the grid. The tiniest details in music, otherwise hidden in the noise area, can then come forward.

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