Euphoria – L.N.

The soundstage, width and depth, is among the best I ever experienced from a pair of speakers.

(…) [the Euphoria bass is] less boomy, more natural, it goes deeper and it has this “real instrument sound feeling” that you don’t experience very often in loudspeakers.”
“They have excellent soundstage, details and bass presentation. (…) the music is lively, real, smooth and engaging. Vocals are also one of the key points of Euphoria… both male and female singers sound real and emotional.”
“(…) the Euphoria provide stunning reproduction with any normal/good recording music, of any genre. Instruments placing and lifelike is pleasing me during jazz listening same as warmth, bass and details during “electronic sessions.”
“I am confident that the Euphoria will stay with me for very long time because these can easily be the “final” speakers for our listening/living rooms.”
L. N.

Euphoria speakers

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